The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention will conduct the
12th Annual National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Survey beginning October 9 2019

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2019 Pet Nutrition and Weight Management survey. Thank you!

Veterinary Healthcare Providers

We need your help. Please take the 2019 annual Pet Nutrition & Weight Management Survey and ask your veterinary team and clients to participate. After 12 consecutive years of conducting an annual prevalence survey, we have moved data collection to every two years. By measuring pet obesity prevalence on even-numbered years, we will be able to more accurately monitor trends and improve data analysis. We will continue the pet owner and veterinary professionals survey each year. This survey has proved valuable to both the veterinary profession and pet industry and has inspired change and innovation in pet food and treats, technological advancements, and scientific research. We hope you will continue to support our efforts! Veterinary Clinic sign-up here. 

Pet Owners

Sign up to receive a brief anonymous survey beginning on National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, October 9. Your responses help APOP fight against the growing trend of pet obesity and improve pet nutrition. Please share the survey with your family and friends. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention is a non-profit organization not sponsored or affiliated with any pet food or pharmaceutical company.

For every completed survey, you will be entered into a drawing for FREE PRIZES!

Feed Well, Live Long!

This study is independent of any and all
corporate sponsorships or involvements.

It is important that this study remain neutral to protect the integrity and interpretation of results. If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns feel free to contact me directly: 

If you are interested, simply complete the form and we will contact you with handouts and instructions to complete the study.

Please help us in our fight against obesity. Thank you!


This survey will allow the veterinary profession to better understand the current state of pet obesity in the U.S.

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Help us better understand the pet obesity epidemic by participating in our brief, anonymous online survey during October

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